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Dr Devanath TirupatiI am pleased to welcome you to our website. The Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSoM), Ahmedabad University, is proud to be the first MBA Institute in Gujarat to have Grade A accreditation from NAAC. The Institute has always seen excellence in contemporary management education....

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  • Spandan 2016

    Spandan 2016

    The institute organizes its annual cultural festival, “Spandan” to provide a platform for the students to portray their latent...
  • Blood-Donation-Camp-2015

    Blood Donation Camp 2015

    A Blood Donation Camp was organized in association with Indian Red Cross Society & HDFC Bank on 8th December...

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  • Of the 52 years of my life ,I have been a first generation entrepreneur for 33 years Although having considerably made my name in the Industry I belong to , I realized that in today’s competitive and ever changing business environment, my traditional knowledge and experience of working would not be enough to take the business to the next level. Hence, I decided to join AMSoM – EMBA along with my 23 year old daughter. The objective was simple understanding the complexities of business management in a structured manner. Bottom line is I wanted to be as updated as the next generation. With all honesty, what I have learnt at AMSoM – EMBA is truly an eye opener. I realized that I knew just one perspective to business management really well! The rest were either thing I discounted in value or which I had never explored – even after being in business for so long. AMSoM – EMBA offers all that is required to shape students into fine entrepreneurs – however, students too need to take the initiative and absorb all of it. The Know your business – Grow your business model is simple but profound. The more you know your business and learn about it, the more you will earn by bringing in the best of practices. As an EMBA entrepreneur, I call it the ‘Save Money – Earn Money’ model. I can literally imagine the millions I would have saved had I had this knowledge when I started into business.

    EMBA 2014-2015 Batch,

    Chief Mentor, SOI Live Marketing & Events

    Himanshu Shah

    Mr. Himanshu Shah
  • When I commenced the Programme, I gave myself fifteen months to challenge my thinking, change my outlook and choose my next step. The EMBA gave me the opportunity to put myself on the forefront in dealing with strategic business issues and professional coaching which refined my leadership and management skills, engaged with interactive academic lectures with strong credible industry links. Also

    Programme’s focus on problem solving using real life scenarios was the perfect grounding for working in any fast-paced and dynamic business environment. AU EMBA’s immersion Programme with JUDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY was a life-changing experience for me. Studying at CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY gave me access to one of the world’s greatest universities – providing best atmosphere to study, networking, and a resourceful platform for budding entrepreneurs. The Cambridge module has provided a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of business management, prepared me to walk into any business or function and add value. It has developed my capacity to transform business and ensured me to have real opportunity to test those skills at my business.

    EMBA 2013-14

    Rushabh Shah

    Mr. Rushabh Shah
  • A year of E-MBA Programme is very important for me because this Programme had helped me to choose the correct business model for my existing business, this Programme made me able to extend my family business to the higher well as doing something of my own. Core faculties of AU as well as Guest faculties are very good. Learning from leaders was one of the best experiences during My E-MBA journey. Faculty mentoring had helped us till the end in Light House Project. And a month of Cambridge immersion is like cherry on the top of cake. Cambridge has lots of inspiration and enthusiasm in its air. Every day in Cambridge University had taught us a lot.

    EMBA Batch 2013-14

    Zeel Raval

    Ms. Zeel Raval
  • Enrolling in EMBA is a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on family business management, it has helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I have gained a lot of experiences since I came here. There is always the desire to learn new things and acquire the growth. It has also helped me to strength all the veins that is required to nourish roots of my business. The spirit of co-operation and competitive environment on campus encourages me to interact, brainstorm and accomplish my goals. It has been a truly valuable learning experience for me. I am determined to become a successful entrepreneur and AMSoM is the best campus to get myself organized for it.

    EMBA – 2014 – 2015 Batch,

    H.K Malvi Industries Private limited

    Sunny R Parihar

    Mr. Sunny Parihar
  • An MBA degree in itself is of no use until it comes with the proper skills. Education and networks. These

    were my exact expectations from this programme. The chance to study at the world renowned Cambridge University is indeed an added advantage. The course has added to my skill-set, some of the most essential skills needed to become an entrepreneur not just a businessman. A better understanding

    of the functions of an organisation as a whole is what I got by the end of this progamme. Being able to have a holistic view of things along with better analytical skills and improvement in presentation and communications is how I could sum up my experience of this Programme.

    EMBA Batch 2010-2011

    Tanmay Karande

    Mr. Tanmay Karande
  • The EMBA programme has given me a mix of personal and professional growth which in turn will help me in shaping myself for the long professional life that lies ahead of me. I can see an overall difference in me and l am confident of my abilities which I would use to take my family business to newer, unconquered heights. A Light House project in one’s own business is a blessing in disguise, which on completion of the course can be actually applied and developed into a totally new business. Many concepts have become clearer and I have become strategically sound.

    EMBA Batch 2010-2011,

    Director, Sakar Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

    Aayushi Shah

    Ms. Aayushi Shah
  • I can honestly say my EMBA experience has been one of the best experiences I have had during my post-graduation. Not only was the entire Programme interesting, but also the fact that students from various business backgrounds were brought together in a discussion based setting challenged us to listen to viewpoints that we otherwise may have never thought of.

    EMBA Batch 2011-12, Director,

    Duracon Cement Pvt. Ltd.

    Kartik Mamlatdarna

    Mr. Kartik Mamlatdarna
  • My one month at the University of Cambridge during the EMBA programme was undoubtedly the most exhilarating, life changing and defining experience. It revealed a world of unlimited opportunities to me. It definitely ranks as the best education offered anywhere in the world. I met students from dozens of countries and scholars who fuelled my intellectual curiosity. I support AMSoM in gratitude for the experience it gave me and also to enable it to afford the same experience to future generations.

    EMBA Batch 2011-12,

    Director, PPEC Ltd. (Plastic Products Engineering Company Ltd.)

    Anoli Shah

    Ms. Anoli Shah
  • EMBA to me is a complete package of formal business oriented education that would position me better in the field of family business. International exposure at one of the best universities in the world, this course has granted me good industry interaction which would enable me to connect the theory with the practical application. Awe-inspiring list of professors have made the learning process simpler and effective. Being from the field of hospitality and retail, certain business techniques, both qualitative and
    Quantitative were lacking in me. This course helped me bridge the divide between my work experience and my deficiencies in being a successful entrepreneur.

    EMBA Batch 2010-2011

    Malav J Varu

    Mr. Malav Varu